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              Geschenk an Mutter Erde








                Credits to Mother earth

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Credits to mother earth and father sky , to the spirits, the elements, to a landscape,  to a human being, a stone, a plant, an animal….

Which credits can we give to our beloved mother?

And how can we do this?

And what does it mean?


A deeper relationship is based on a two way communication including body, soul and spirit.



Let us remember how to receive and give at the same time in this way of communication


We are equipped with our senses which are the fine communication tools on which we can soar beyond words in the interconnecting field and melt with every being. We can use them to honour the beings we chose as mirror to finally realize our own selves.




Receiving by listening to the fine vibrations of mother earth is creating presents which are preciously present. It prepares us to understand so that we can really answer.


So let us talk a bit more about our relationship to mother earth.


Imagine you are touched by a plant, called in a nonverbal way, just by magnetism or resonance. This is mother earths language she is ready to teach us and thereby we are carried to the source of her being which is the same as ours. If we listen, all of a sudden, we are able to hear the wisdom she, or any of her children is providing us with.   

She is a never ending appeal to our intuition which leads us into a deeper expression and connection with ourselves as human beings.


She needs us, we need ourself, to be vulnerable so she can touch us, so we can be touched by her deep love which is almost expressed by abundance and patience. She is  longing for the  consciousness of our hearts. 


So this is one of the credits we can give for sustainable and regenerateve relationship in any direction.


If we listen to the stars we can realise ourselves as intergalactic beings

If we listen to the spirit we can realise ourselves as all in one and one in all

If we listen to the nonverbal core of everything we start to understand ourselves.


Again: The giving and the receiving has its origin in this listening. As longs as we receive without listening we just take and everything will run empty. And: We will give without receiving if we are not listening to the answer.


Listening means melting with yourself and, at the same time with everything which is existing. You are melting with everything and so you become empty and whole at the same time, like a black hole. It reminds you of your belonging to the infinite Giver who is and is not at the same time. This expands you to the One.


What becomes a bowl which is whole. Is it a fortune teller ball? And what, if it falls?


So let us talk about the credits to mother earth. It is the gift which arises by listening. (when giving and receiving are becoming one in the communication with mother earth). At this point creativity is born. If we understand that creativity is nourished directly by the conscious reception of her gifts, we start to understand how receiving becomes a gift which is really meant to be a gift and which we we can give without any effort.  This circle creates abundance and thankfulness in both directions. It also creates intimacy.  Our birth giving mother earth is  the source of natural and sustainable nourishing creation on this planet. (instead of artificial and raping)


 So, if we start listening to her, heart songs arises, dances which feel like kissing her body are remembered, drumming is becoming a poem to her heart. 


The pervading perception of her becomes your own prayer which is the most precious gift you can provide to her. 



This is the way to realign with the feminine aspect wherefrom every form has its birth. Every form has to find its way through a black hole, in this context, stillness is the back whole. Stillness at the beginning appears devouring, empty, scaring, boring but then, after a while it reveals its mystery and transforms you into a loving perceiver, fully trusting in whatever is revealing.


The keyword is listening - listening is the key - listening is giving and receiving at the same time


Do not just look - watch precisely and feel yourself as an eye

Do not just hear - become an ear 

Do not just smell - breathe everything into the space between the cells

Do not just touch - let yourself being touched at the same time and feel

Do not just eat - give thanks


I make a prayer out of my life

I am this prayer

I am the breath

I am the flower

I am the sound

I am the lover and the beloved at the same time


Nature is body

body is nature


Nature is holy

holiness is nature


Nature is a gift

giving is natural


giving becomes receiving

when giving becomes natural

I am indigenous
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The Earth is our mother, our child, our sister, our home and a whole unique being with a body, mind and soul. 


Looking closely, we can feel and recognise that we ourselves are a part of earth. That she mirrors herself both in our bodily vessel as well as our whole being. We can find her in our bones, veins, flesh, lungs, hair, in our nervous system and neurons. And with that in our senses, feelings and thoughts. In all that we are the earth is showing herself to us. 

The more we win back our relationship to her , the more we reconnect to our selves. 


This work serves the reconnection of us humans with our inner and outer nature. It offers a foothold, contact and closeness to ourselves and the earth who is becoming - like many people - ever more tired and sick these days. For a long time, selfmade wars, the patriarchy and the inquisition among other factors have shaken the trust of humans. This is the basis for addictive consumption. Consumption distracts and opens a pathway to living in illusionary worlds and invites a short-sighted sense of security. In the end it forces a functional lifestyle. It kills slowly. Through this pattern, we move away from living close to nature, attuned to the cycles of the year which naturally provides us with everything we need without the necessity to exploit the earth. 


The earth is our mother, child, sister - our home. We can find her in our body, our soul, in our being (das mag die beste Übersetzung für Geist sein).  It is worth to feel her, to honour her, to recognise her. For ourselves and all that is. 


Our heart beats in tune with the earth's heart. With its first pulsing, cosmic consciousness enters the duality of being human. If we lose the connection from the human heart to the earth's heart, we disconnect from this rhythm of nature that is in oneness with itself. 

The recollection with these ancient rhythms of the seasons and life on this earth which are the basis of this work is healthy, sustainable and nourishing for body, mind and soul. It acts as a reconnection for a holistic human life. In this way, there can be a true communion in ourselves between the human and divine realms. Duality can expand into ALL THAT IS. 


Power begins to flow where feelings free themselves. As a generation being born after war and sufferers of the patriarchy, we are still living with the consequences of suppressed emotions and are just starting to regain our power. Also here, we can utilise the conscious reconnection to the wisdom of the earth as our ally. Nature invites us to go back inside, to feel into our body and hearts. It mirrors us in a gentle and clear way while supporting us to overcome the fear of darkness, death and sorrow so we can find comfort as well as a deep source of inner power. 


It shows us a cleansing form of rage and anger, lust, grounding sorrow and expansive ecstasy, recreating a path to our natural access to these feelings. Ultimately, it opens a gate to perceiving ourselves and expand into our mission in life. True humans that life their mission are connected to the essence of power and serve the earth.

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