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Christiane Katharina Heiss

This time is perfect for learning spaces that we souls ourselves hold and create within ourselves in order to recognize essential things, which are then lived together, gently or wildly danced into the matter, dreamed into reality, worked through and passed on. I would like to warmly invite like-minded people who feel addressed and called upon to weave remembered knowledge into a common colorful carpet on which we fly into the new era. Contact me if my site appeals to you and we'll see what happens. Erdenherzkraft is a meeting platform for companions who are awakening to self-confidence together. 

The strength of my soul lies in a deep ability to love and sense the earth and the dance with the origin of all being that I am constantly trying to conquer. The strength and task as a human being that I can bring into this incarnation is to continually embody the heaven-earth connection, to connect spirit and matter, and to use my being like this to open up sacred spaces that we so urgently need. On my birthday, November 2nd, which is known in our culture as the festival of all souls, I recognized my destiny to build bridges and open doors.  My life has taught me again and again to understand death as a passage into another dimension. The path there led and continues to lead me through phases of feeling separated, of not belonging, of all possible forms of loneliness and constantly challenges me to remember the connection again and to trust in aloneness more and more gently and consistently. I would like to share and communicate this experience and knowledge.    

This website was born in 2018 out of the deep love for the earth and the desire to actively participate in her, our, awakening. It is my personal response to what I perceive to be the current needs of today. I rely on a deep, original faith that carries all the experiences of my previous incarnations as a human being when I claim here that the fulfillment of human existence lies in self-knowledge. We are divine sparks working this creation into life through our experience in every moment. 


Love recognizes itself through you, through me, through everything.


Every thought, every action, every song, every dream affects all of creation, because we ourselves are the creation. And this recognition is exactly what it’s all about. In gradually remembering ours The origin reveals itself to this knowledge and contains the treasure, the readiness for everything, what life reflects to us, To take responsibility. At the moment of this realization, the creative power itself was born, less as an act of action than as a process of becoming conscious. The way to get there is through trust back in the divine origin, from which we all believe we are so far away and which we ourselves are as soul sparks.


Everything is connected to everything. We are the seed, the root, the trunk, the branches, the leaf, the flower and the fruit at the same time.  Yes, in the sense of, we are everything at the same time, as soon as we have experienced everything and thus recognized it as an eternally recurring cycle! 


In the first year, the offer consisted of various individual weekend formats with essential, self-awareness-strengthening content from my previous work.

In 2019 I resumed the tried and tested format of annual training along the medicine wheel. It refers to people's involvement and security in the earthly and universal rhythms. The former, offered under the Association for Friendly Living  “Annual training in yoga and shamanism” was hereby named
PanGaia cast in the form of a long-held vision of an alternative and at the same time cross-generational development platform. I specifically invited people who felt called to participate in this project. 

The project was created in collaboration with the musician Stefan Jamil KiesslingEarthHeartMusic, that makes the spiritual connection between nature and people tangible in sound.

 My latest projectEarthHeartArt  gives birth to sculptures that arise "as if by themselves" when I listen to the soul vibration of a person and let my heart's hands be made.


I offer my complete, extensive knowledge as part of Individual sessions to which I listen, hold the space for development and development and, every now and then, access the repertoire of my diverse potentials in all simplicity according to the call of the respective moment.

So that we can enjoy this wonderful, multi-faceted game  dance together and  into the heart of the world by recognizing, loving and connecting the earth, ourselves and each other tenderly and powerfully through the rhythms. That we remember, each and everyone,  why we came here, with what medicine for this time, and how they work into life. That the wheel of life gently circles, over and over again, through us.

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